Welcome to the web shop of PlantsAndSettings.eu

Here you will find interesting plants and plant (mini)landscapes. Most of the plants offered here are succulents, like cacti. All of these plants have been artificially propagated within the European Union.

PlantsAndSettings.eu is a distribution channel of PlantGusto. The mission of PlantGusto is to make people happy by providing them with interesting plants and miniplantscapes. The vision is to bring interesting plants and miniplantscapes directly to consumers by using the Internet. PlantsAndSettings.eu does so by making interesting plants and (mini)landscape available to a larger public.

For small plants, cuttings and seed, have a look at our related website: SeedlingsAndCuttings.eu

At this time we only deliver to the following countries:

  • Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden;

  • for other countries or in case your order is exceeding maximum weight and/or size please contact us.


Payments have to be made in Euro's by (free) SEPA bank transfer or via PayPal.

Some of the plants and (mini)landscapes offered here are unique and the number you can order is limited.

As part of the product description you will find cultivation notes, that may help to keep your plants healthy.

Some of the plants you will find in this web shop are difficult in cultivation and for that reason not widespread. All our products originate from within the EU.


The diameter of the plants will be above 3 cm. In some cases the root can be thicker than the plant body itself. Spines can also add up to the diameter. Plants will normally be send without container to ease packaging and probably you want to use your own containers.


In some cases we offer plants in their natural setting. This brings a small landscape into your home or greenhouse. We do our best to save the setting of the plant as much as possible during transport, but you may have to re-settle the content of the container a bit.


I you want smaller plants, seeds or cuttings you can have a look at our related website: www.seedlingsandcuttings.eu

Some of the plant material on this web shop is classified as CITES I. This is the category for the most endangered fauna and flora. The CITES convention enforces the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein.

The plant material we offer on this web shop is artificially propagated within the European Union. As a service to our customers we provide each order containing CITES I species with a Transfer Declaration (no extra costs involved). Keep this Transfer Declaration in your administration.

By providing artificially propagated plant material of CITES I species, we want to contribute to the protection of these endangered species.

The CITES and EU categories of plants can be checked at the Species database.

You can order products by adding them to your cart. Whenever you are ready, please continue to Checkout (to be found in the user menu). After we have received your payment, the order will be confirmed and delivered.


Most of the products are limited to a small number per customer. Products can contain cultivation notes, as some of them are rare and difficult to propagate and cultivate.


For any questions you can contact us at: Contact us


Though we do our best to maintain the available quantities in the store up to date, we can not guarantee the availability to a 100% certainty, as we may encounter loss of plants.

You can find our plants via the menu choice 'Our plants' on top of this page. That choice will bring you to the product page. The product page will show the main product categories.


Another option on the product page is to search for plants. For example type in Pediocactus or Hatiora or so and a list of plants will show up underneath. That will show the plants you are looking for in all categories.


But you can also just enjoy the pictures and use our specific cultivation notes per specie.

Delivery costs depend very much upon your country and the wieght and/or size of the plants you order. The following costst give an idea of what to expect in 2015 (6% VAT not included). For some countries there are multiple options for delivery.