Thelocactus bicolor var. Flavidispinus SB424

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This small cactus is the most north Thelocactus. It originates from the same area around Marathon Texas as some other miniature cacti, like Escobaria hesteri and minima. Most of the time the spines are mainly yellow, but some red can be there. Large nice coloured flowers. One of our favourites.
The container contains multiple plants to make up a setting (we will try to keep that intact, but you may have to reshuffle the sand on arrival).

Only 1 setting available (the one shown).

Cultivation notes:
Keep dry in winter. This Thelocactus is save down to -15 Celsius. At -18 Celsius the plants can die in our experience. Water early in spring (1st weekend of March). Mineral soil. Flowering is opportunistic and can take place multiple times per year mostly  7-10 days  after watering. Note that Escobaria hesteri shows same like behaviour.