Sclerocactus brevispinus RP25 cristate plant - CITES I, EU A

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This specie is part of the Sclerocactus glaucus complex (according to the field number list it is Sclerocactus wetlandicus v. ilseae ). The colour of the skin is grey/green. The flowers come in large quantities in pink/purple. One seedling developed into a cristate form. This is a graft on Opuntia humifusa. A very unique cristate in the world until now as it developed in our own collection from seed.

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It is not easy to grow this one on it's own roots not just because it is a cristate, so this one is grafted. It will grow rather quickly and may require re-grafting within a year. The rooting stock is winterhardy and the combination can have at least -15 degrees Celsius. The Opuntia rootstock requires water in summer.